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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I stood beside the window fresh from my bath.

Did I really cleanse my body from hatred and guilt? For what am I to be guilty of? For being too private where my world is always closed? But for whom shall my door be opened to?

Why do I need to unveil my world if my heart says the truth? Do I need to be a lady in the night, holding wine in my hand and chatting with men who I just met a moment ago?

For why is there a need to flirt to get attention for a passion that does not last? If secrets are to be shared, the deserving one will know for my time will be his.

But a wise life is not bet on hopes, but plans. Concrete and not imaginary dreams.

I am recluse but not outcast. Decency is the name. I choose but not unreachable. Propriety is the other name. I am a woman but I have a name and that is where I should be.

I am not confined just discerning. My personal side is private. My social part is not contained in hypocrisy. I am what I am. NO mask, no facade.

Take me or leave me. The choice is yours. It is free.

(Photo:not mine)

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