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Monday, June 1, 2009

How I Want To Be Valued...

Valuing yourself precedes valuing others. One must know his or her personal needs before one knows what to fulfill. Let us not touch on physical intimacy as I do not like to be misquoted or misread as being needy. The fear of being misunderstood on my part is greater than my need for self-expression. For me, self-expression comes with self-discipline--the ability to use words decently no matter what the subject will be.

I want to be valued for my own craft just like other writers do. No two writers are alike. Even those writers coming from one family may agree or disagree on one subject of life. In disparity there is uniqueness.

I want to be valued as a woman, who has her own mind. I want to be listened to and cared for without altering my genetic codes that form my interest and intellectual pursuits.

Finally, I want to be valued as a true person, who could speak and share her unedited thoughts with the person she chooses to trust. This can only happen in the real world for online friendship is not sustainable and more often than not, it is masked.

However, in everything there is an exemption. Trustworthy people exist but we choose them with our hearts. Using the soul as guide will ensure accuracy of perception for it filters the truth from falsity.

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