Do I Gossip?

NO, I do not gossip. My mind is not shaped that way. does not always turn out the way we want it to be. Oftentimes, we are met with contradiction, the precise opposite of our supposition. The stress arises from not meeting our goals. But who says life is perfect? Not me.

I am aware of the boundaries of social tact.

I love to talk and discuss matters that are not about people but about issues pertaining to higher consciousness. When discussions turn to gossip, I feel slighted knowing that those people who backbite their friends to me will certainly do the same thing to me.

Sometimes, the sanity of life is in the insanity therein. Why can't we just live without much to choose? Inevitably, it is the antonym of life that colors our world. A simple episode becomes complicated if we will allow it to be. 
It is best to respect the absence of one person and wait for him or her to be around before they become a topic of conversation.

In Islam, gossip sends one to hell.


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