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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Troll:The Forum Dracula

I joined a forum in 2007 and stopped logging on in the middle part of 2008. Good thing that the forum which I used to belong do not have members who love to troll around the site.

In other forum sites, forum members tend to outsmart each other and this is a turn off. Those who impose their authority around the site are called Trolls. They are attention-seekers.

The best way to deal with this people is to ignore them. They butt in, post a point to insult the one who started a thread. As if his or her post has answered the question asked. As if trying to imply that those who are in the thread are just wasting their time for they could do that through the search engines of yahoo and google.

Instead of spending time to exchange points to an apparently arrogant person, no need. Why dignify such attention-seeking trolls? Everyone has his own mind. No need for others to tell us how we should stand on an issue.

(Photo: Not mine)


  1. From:Raymond Teodo
    February 03, 2009

    Well spoken, Bai! :-)

  2. BAI MALEIHA said...

    Thanks Raymond. Have a nice day today. :)

    February 03, 2009

  3. PinoyApache said...

    I have met these "trolls" in some forums and I have to hold my patience down. Most of these people are very rude lacking in judgment and tact...

    February 06, 2009

  4. BAI MALEIHA said...

    I agree Jing..thanks for dropping by :)

    February 06, 2009