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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How I Manage Conflict?

When I am in conflict with someone close to me, I always handle it right- by GOING BACK TO MYSELF.

How do I manage life conflicts? Here is how:

1. MIND TALK- I explore the entire situation by ascertaining the pros and cons. No one else is in the better position to know what I did wrong but me.

2. PRO-ACTION-After an objective assessment of the conflict situation, I will certainly apologize for my mistakes. However, if the situation demands that I stick to my principles, I shall stand up for what I believe in, adamantly.

3. SELFLESSNESS- Pride is the root of most conflict in interpersonal relationships. This must be the first to go when resolving a misunderstanding. If a person is overwhelmed by his ego, he becomes selfish and unnegotiable.

The solution to conflict is empathy and humility. Always start with yourself.

Finally, let me accentuate on the fact that our individual mental framework determines the disparity of our reactions to a similar situation. Some overreact while others remain passive.

In searching for personal answers, talking to yourself is the most effective way to solve a personal problem.

Self-reflection allows you to understand yourself better everyday.

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