Defining my Personal Freedom

Freedom is not to do what is prohibited in the Holy Quran but to do what is best for humanity. I shall not be controlled by a Mullah but by the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad and the words of the Holy Quran.

I have faith in my personal values not clothed with racism and archaic beliefs. I shall cherish the freedom to acquire a deeper knowledge to guide my personal choices and decisions, not outside Islam.

I assert without reservation that freedom for me is absolute and attainable only by me. My freedom is personal and not debatable and I will not allow books nor theories to define it for me.

My freedom is my possession and could not be owned by anyone NOT UNLESS I share it willingly out of being selfless.

If my stand on freedom will be viewed by others as being selfish, for their failure to think outside the box, then I don't mind. I will not be free if I have to conform to their personal expectations.

And I can only truly say that I am free when I know that my life is defined by me. Sometimes Freedom for me is not also being independent for I can find freedom in sharing my life.

Freedom for me anchors not on other people's acceptance of my stand but on how I accept myself for who I really am and who I want to be.


  1. Blogger Joseph M. Fasciana said...

    A resounding yes I say to you about the premise of your freedom, which if you don't stand guard over can be easily overtaken. There was a time in my life when my hands were literally tied behind my back. Then I cried deeply inside. I thought my freedom would be forever vanquished.

    Now I am grateful for the freedom that I have, even though it is continually being diminished by Big Brother. I will unabashedly forever celebrate and fight for what remains of my freedom.



    February 21, 2009

  2. BAI MALEIHA said...

    Hello Joseph. Thanks for following my blog and my twitter. It is nice to meet someone like you online who shares the same outlook with my concept of freedom.

    I visited your blog and followed it too. Very feisty and influential views you have there. Keep it up! :)

    February 21, 2009


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