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Interviewed by a friend

1.Define Friendship?

Oneness. Sympathy. Loyalty and Authenticity.

2. Among the four qualities you mentioned, which one is the most important to you?

The authenticity of character.

3. Do you choose your friends?

I respect every single person I meet in my life but I value true friends and I will never let them go.

4. What kind of friend are you?

Caring and straightforward.

5.Who is your closest friend?


6. What do you mean?

Knowing myself better means knowing the kind of people I can get along well with.
7. Define Beauty? 

Temporary gift of Allah (SWT). It fades with time.

8.What does not fade?

Brains, character, and memories.

9.What qualities do you want in a man to possess you?

Possess me?


I can’t be possessed. I can only be loved.

11.You seem so strong?

I am. I can love someone but I refuse to lose myself because I will not be able to grow.

12. Do you prefer looks to intelligence?

If I can have both, why the need to choose?

13. Are you choosy in men?

Choosy in character. 

14. Define comm…