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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


A poem I crafted for the man of my life who taught me first what true love is. A love that has no barriers and has expressed itself unconditionally beyond man's time and God's given life. Daddy is my first love and no man can love me more than he does. Happy birthday dearest daddy! I love you beyond words can say.

Give me a man like my father
Then I shall swear no more
Give me a man like my father
I say there is no other

Behind a daughter
A loving father
Behind my stubborness
MY father's sweetness
Behind my goals
My father's support
Behind my name
My father's image

Purple leaves
Reds of cherries
Soft strawberries
Unmatching Daddy
Whose love abounds
Whose care unending

My father's love
In my heart
NO man can fade
With him
I see the truth
With others
I see lies

"Times of Your Life"
A theme for our song
His works, his dreams
Made a daughter proud

He is my father
My hero and protector

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