Who are you?

You are you. You have your own set of values.

If you choose to live your life the way you think is right, then live.

No one has the right to stop you.

You are the master of your destiny hence you owe no one an explanation for sailing to a particular destination that you aim to reach in your lifetime.

I am me. You are you.

But if your actions will do injustice to me, then I have the right to question you.

You may be at liberty to exercise your rights, but it is not your legal freedom to degrade anyone at your behest.

f you can afford to hurt me, then what makes you think I could not do the same thing to you?

You are free in your own world, but not alone in a universe where man is a social being.

You will be affected by the injustice done to your neighbors.

You will be sympathetic to a cause that anchors on your principles.

So this makes you merge your identity with a justified cause.

You can ally with the truth. You are not alone. You become one with the universe.

We all choose our individual lives the way we want to.

We all have a unique purpose why we exist. But a noble man will not exist only for himself.

He will rise up against an authority that is unjust. He will fight for his rights and for his neighbors.

Therefore I ask again: who do you want to be? A man of principles? The man of truth?

If you are, then be not surprised if others look up to your leadership, for you are truly deserving of their trust.


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