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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Why I Write Sad Poems?

A friend once asked me, why my poems speak of heartaches? It was an indirect query on my emotional status, a poser of concern. It is not my attitude to explain everything about my personal life, however, at that point in time, he really needed an answer. The truth is everyone's right to know.

To dismiss the suspicion of bitterness, I assert that my writings do not state anguish but a fact of life. Facts that do not need debate to squeeze out an analogy. We all have a share of pain and joy. In fact, I should be thankful for having been exposed to such experiences for it made me a complete person--a lady with a determined goal in life.

I admit that I was always the first one to give up on a relationship. I did not fight for love for I do not wish to have a relationship out of competition. I guess I was always strong emotionally for that has always been my character. I admit that I have rejected many love offered to me before, not because I am incapable of loving someone, but owing to my indecisive stand to either submit or not. Will I allow a man to take control of my whole life? Is that man worthy of my time and heart? Will he respect my mind and principles?

I have already found the answer to all these. But this time I promised myself not to talk about who, what and how of my private life. It is suffice to say that I am happy and inspired.

Thanks to my assertiveness that I am now free and living my life without control and impositions.

Whoever makes me happy right now is my privacy. Only my immediate family members have the right to know the details.

As a principled woman, I will live according to how I see life and not according to the dictates of the norms and traditions that I feel imprisoned of.

For there are some standards that demand perfection out of my life system which stifles my growth and fulfillment as a person.

This is me. When I feel that I function in a box of expectation and that my movements are restricted to the point that I no longer hear my own voice, then that spells injustice for me.


Why am I writing poems on unrequited love themes? BECAUSE I AM A WRITER. A writer does not choose what to write. For as long as the mind is fertile and it can conceived themes that matter to most, then why not?

I am a passionate writer who gets inspiration from the two non-fiction facts of love:joy and pain or the cycle of hello and goodbye.

I am just a writer and a passionate one at that.

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  1. Publish your work. This would ensure preserving them and would be extending the reach. They are very much worth publishing.


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