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Do I Gossip?

NO, I do not gossip. My mind is not shaped that way. does not always turn out the way we want it to be. Oftentimes, we are met with contradiction, the precise opposite of our supposition. The stress arises from not meeting our goals. But who says life is perfect? Not me.
I am aware of the boundaries of social tact.

I love to talk and discuss matters that are not about people but about issues pertaining to higher consciousness. When discussions turn to gossip, I feel slighted knowing that those people who backbite their friends to me will certainly do the same thing to me.

Sometimes, the sanity of life is in the insanity therein. Why can't we just live without much to choose? Inevitably, it is the antonym of life that colors our world. A simple episode becomes complicated if we will allow it to be.  It is best to respect the absence of one person and wait for him or her to be around before they become a topic of conversation.

In Islam, gossip sends one to hell.

No Point of Comparison

A duck cannot be compared to an ostrich. Nor a camel to a rat.

The same with people and we should know better not to compare two people who have contrasting personalities.
Do not compete if you know your worth. There is no rivalry to talk about if at the start there is no point of comparison. There are no qualities to compare nor match in the first place.

Troll:The Forum Dracula

Never feed the internet troll.

Trolls hunger for attention.
The best way to deal with these people is to ignore them.

They butt in, post a comment to insult the one who started a thread.

Most of them hide their identity for their main motive is to sow conflict online.

They are not worthy of your time. Block or ignore them.

Never respond to them.


For what am I to be guilty of? 

For being too private where my world is always closed.

But for whom shall my door be opened to?

Why do I need to unveil my world if my heart says the truth? 

Do I need to please everyone and in the process lose my self-respect?

For why is there a need to flirt to get attention for a passion that does not last?

But a wise life is not bet on hopes, but plans. Concrete and not imaginary dreams.
I am a recluse but not an outcast. Decency is the name.

I choose but not unreachable. Propriety is the other name.

I am a woman but I have a name and that is what I must protect.

I am not confined just discerning. My personal side is private.

My social part is not contained in hypocrisy. I am what I am. NO mask, no facade.

Take me or leave me. The choice is yours. It is free.

The Measure of a Man

The measure of a man's worth is not determined by the power and wealth he possesses but by the quality of his character.

Most importantly, it is best to remind yourself that there is no power mightier than that of the ALMIGHTY GOD. Humility is the true language of humanity.


Every CHOICE we make

Everything we appreciate is

a REFLECTIONof our shadow.

Every MOVE we make

magnifies our GENTILITY.

Every WORD we speak

shows the color of oursoul...
My choice is to admire people whose characters touch other people's lives by transforming them positively and to be appreciative of simple things.

Let us not debate on what is simple for we vary in standards like those colors in the rainbow which shine distinctively and beautifully from each other.

NO need to outshine each other's light for we glow uniquely in the dark.

I live my life with freedom.

I respect how you choose to live your life.

If we need to disagree on one aspect, do not let argument lose our friendship.

We may see life from varied perspectives but I will always regard you as my friend no matter what the odds are.

Who are you?

You are you. You have your own set of values.

If you choose to live your life the way you think is right, then live.

No one has the right to stop you.

You are the master of your destiny hence you owe no one an explanation for sailing to a particular destination that you aim to reach in your lifetime.

I am me. You are you.

But if your actions will do injustice to me, then I have the right to question you.

You may be at liberty to exercise your rights, but it is not your legal freedom to degrade anyone at your behest.

f you can afford to hurt me, then what makes you think I could not do the same thing to you?

You are free in your own world, but not alone in a universe where man is a social being.

You will be affected by the injustice done to your neighbors.

You will be sympathetic to a cause that anchors on your principles.

So this makes you merge your identity with a justified cause.

You can ally with the truth. You are not alone. You become one with the universe.

We all choose our ind…

When fiction becomes reality

Fiction or non-fiction, the movies tend to give us a sense of hope momentarily from the harsh realities of life.

Although there is no real life scenario of "living happily ever after", fairy tales inspire the youth to dream and look forward to the beauty of life.
Love stories in movies reflect the good and bad sides of falling in love. It compels the moviegoers to examine their personal relationships and determine the reasons why some failed and some are successful.
In real life, there are many cases of unrequited love--nothing to smile about but everything to learn from the lessons of yesteryears.
However, practicality dictates that the real world though ugly has to be faced to accept the truth and not run away from it.

Defining my Personal Freedom

Freedom is not to do what is prohibited in the Holy Quran but to do what is best for humanity. I shall not be controlled by a Mullah but by the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad and the words of the Holy Quran.

I have faith in my personal values not clothed with racism and archaic beliefs. I shall cherish the freedom to acquire a deeper knowledge to guide my personal choices and decisions, not outside Islam.

I assert without reservation that freedom for me is absolute and attainable only by me. My freedom is personal and not debatable and I will not allow books nor theories to define it for me.
My freedom is my possession and could not be owned by anyone NOT UNLESS I share it willingly out of being selfless.

If my stand on freedom will be viewed by others as being selfish, for their failure to think outside the box, then I don't mind. I will not be free if I have to conform to their personal expectations.

And I can only truly say that I am free when I know that my life is defined by…