Do Not Silence Me

In the battle of principles, it is not who you are with but whom you choose to be with out of respect for your personal principles. If you must join a crowd to rally behind a cause, then ensure that your voice is heard not only by those beside you but by yourself as well.

Many people commit mistakes by thinking that by pursuing a cause with the voices of other people, you effect your point.

To advance a cause you must be completely convinced that you are not just mixing with the voice of popularity.

If I can not be true to my personal beliefs, then what right do I have to join a unified voice when I can't even hear mine?
Just an appeal to those who might want to silence me: DO NOT EVER DARE. I may be sweet and kind but I am not a toothless tiger for I bite.


  1. I have been in a crowd where in the end I saw myself one of the few remaining. I realized that among the multitude there were a lot just tagging along for the ride ready to drop out when opportunity materialized. It was a way of weeding out or cleansing the crowd which to me would ensure eventually that the next one beside me would still stand if I fall.

    That was the time I had to reevaluate my position and decide.I do not pretend that what I espouse for is the absolute truth but to me it is until such time it is proven as such or convincingly negated.

  2. Kuya, sometimes you have to fall twice in order to stand once but unshaky. ;)


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