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My Glass Blog

This is my diary, somewhat my glass blog. It will not attempt TO EXPLAIN my persona for I owe no one an explanation for who I am and what I want to be.

However, transparency is important, hence, I can clarify myself on vital issues concerning the events that embrace me as a Muslim, a transformational activist and a die-hard advocate of PEACE AND JUSTICE.
Your Princess Maleiha has always been non-discriminatory in friendship. Discerning in my online communications, for I always value true kindness no matter what.
My online activities have always been focused on bringing friendship to all people regardless of their creed and religion. This humble writer stands for "Unity Amidst Adversity".

Most of my works in the past when I was in the government were for peace and unity.
For those who want beyond friendship, please do not disturb me. I have better things to do than flirt.
There is so much lies on the internet and I shall not be a victim of such.
Meanwhile, let me thank you f…

Their Wrongs Vs. Your Rights

We can't please everybody. So why do we have to?
We can speak up anytime, politely as possible, but if there are people who will negate your words, that is a reality. You need to speak up the truth no matter who gets hurt.
As long as you speak the truth, no one can fault you. So never hold back.

Some people will choose to speak ill of you instead of admiring you. That is life and personal opinions do vary.

Some will prefer to see you down than triumph. Instead of getting sad, rise above their narrow mindedness and focus on your merits.

You do not need to prove anything to anyone as long as you know that you are on the right track. It is your rights above their wrongs.

Do Not Silence Me

In the battle of principles, it is not who you are with but whom you choose to be with out of respect for your personal principles. If you must join a crowd to rally behind a cause, then ensure that your voice is heard not only by those beside you but by yourself as well.
Many people commit mistakes by thinking that by pursuing a cause with the voices of other people, you effect your point.

To advance a cause you must be completely convinced that you are not just mixing with the voice of popularity.

If I can not be true to my personal beliefs, then what right do I have to join a unified voice when I can't even hear mine? Just an appeal to those who might want to silence me: DO NOT EVER DARE. I may be sweet and kind but I am not a toothless tiger for I bite.